Key Skills
Computer and Internet Services throughout North Devon

Computer and Internet Services
throughout North Devon

  • PC sales, upgrades and repairs
  • Website design and hosting
  • Wireless broadband for homes and businesses

Established in Barnstaple in 1990, and now located in Torrington, Key Skills supply new PCs and computer upgrades to homes and businesses throughout North Devon. We also offer website design, domain name registration and website hosting for small businesses wishing to establish a cost effective presence on the Internet.

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Upgrades and repairs  -  OK, so your computer is slow, it crashes, it freezes, it won’t go online, it displays odd messages, it won’t start up, it won’t shut down.... Contact us!  Most problems are fixable, and a simple upgrade or just a software cleanup may be all that’s necessary to restore your sanity! Internet connection problems? Talk to us about our broadband service.

Website design and hosting - We can put your business on the web economically and cost-effectively - all aspects are covered including initial website design and development, domain name registration, full email services, Internet security and even your broadband connection. If your existing website isn’t working for you or needs a makeover, give us a call.

Contact us - We cover all of North Devon, including Barnstaple, Bideford, Ilfracombe, Torrington and South Molton, and can offer rapid and personal technical support and advice, an ingredient missing from many larger suppliers.

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