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Computer and Internet Services throughout North Devon

Computer and Internet Services
throughout North Devon

  • PC sales, upgrades and repairs
  • Website design and hosting
  • Wireless broadband for homes and businesses

UK Computer Repair Services 

Please use this space to give as much information as possible regarding your requirements, whether this is for a new desktop computer or laptop, or an upgrade or repair in the case of an existing computer.


Email address:

Telephone number:






Alternatively, please use the Contact page to email or phone. You may prefer to give us a call in the case of a computer needing a repair or upgrade, as we will need to ask you a few questions regarding the exact nature of the problem.

Our service includes collect and return where necessary, and in most cases a “temperamental” computer will be back with you as good as new within two or three days.

Above all:                 Don't Panic

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